Written and Copyright by Bob Laurie 1995-2021



The heaviness I’ve carried is no longer there,

The weight is gone, to where I don’t care.


Neither lights nor gifts have lightened my life,

It's something much bigger, absent of strife.


The joy in my heart gives to those in need,

Hoping what I've shared has planted a seed.


What grows is contagious to those in my wake,

My inspiration and happiness are surely not fake.


Christ the Savior is my source and delight,

Our reason for Christmas. The bright and shining light.



On the day of birth, God's gift was not known,

It stays patiently within until we have grown.


On a day of wonder, the gift is revealed,

the passion exposed has now been sealed


Some called it talent, but it’s so much more,

It’s burning desire goes down to the core.


Determination will quench the fire in your heart,

Until we were told, the foolishness must stop.


Driven by society we are told how to subsist,

To forget the passion and why we exist.


The gift we were given is furled with delight

Don’t listen to those who only see the plight.


Our purpose is realized from the passion we hold

Embrace it each day, and your success will be told.

God’s Pair


Together we’ve known the bad and the good,

Our life together I would not change if I could.


Our hearts have bonded with love and yes fate,

God has corralled us together then open the gate.


In the beginning, we walked, but now we can run,

We once were alone, but now we are one.


I’ll never be afraid as long as there is you,

The storm we’ll endure we’ll always get through.


Just look at our lives how much we have changed,

It’s something that God has touched and arranged.


Because I am human, I often feel sorrow,

When adversity strikes like the point of an arrow.


I know it won’t hurt me with the love that we share,

Thank God for his wisdom in making us a pair.

I’ve Walked With The Lord

I've walked with the Lord through the worst of the storm

It seemed like forever, but it was not very long


He shielded me with love and would not let me stray

He offered me no rest from my worries and dismay


Instead, he taught me things that would help me to endure

When all was wrong about me, he would give me another chore


At the beginning of the journey, his presence was not known

Even threw the midway I thought I was alone


I prayed to the Lord each morning to get me through another day

Even though I felt alone, I knew he was the way


The storm is now a whimper and the end of the road I see

The Lord has now revealed how much strength he's given me


I know the Lord will leave now that the storm is at an end

He’s made me understand the holy spirit he will send


I'm going to miss you, Lord, I feel the sorrow in my heart

I’m looking forward to eternity when we never have to part


Yet my mission here is not finished I know the comforter will see me through

Thank you, Lord, for your wisdom to this I will always be true

Where is the Lord

All my feelings of hope for today

Have dwindled and tarried and faded away


I don’t know why the lord has not shown is love

By showing a sign like Noah’s white dove


How can it be he has not heard my prayers

I know that he loves me I know that he cares


My heart I have changed my faith has endured

Yet where is my father where is the lord


He must hear me knock and stand in despair

Yet he has not answered and offered no chair


The words that he teaches says he’s loving and kind

And the help he provides is done in his time


I need you my lord I need you today

For my sins I am sorry how much more must I pay


Today is almost gone I’ll put my hope in tomorrow

Please help me lord Please take away my sorrow



Remember our lives as only a child

How innocent we were, and it showed in our smile


We had no thoughts what tomorrow might bring

It was the laughter of the day that made our hearts sing


Even when bad we were forgiven of much

For our innocence endured in the lives that we touched


And when we get older as time passes by

The innocence we lose though no one knows why


Desire and knowledge seem to replace what we lost

If only we were able to understand the cost


When worries start and the struggles we say

I wish to be a child if just for one more day


The children of Jesus are often called his brethren

Our innocence he exclaimed will be a key to heaven


So don’t bury your innocence deeper than it is

Uncover what you lost and make your life now his


You think this may be easy. I tell you it’s the hardest thing you’ll do

But if you never try, he’ll never see you through

The Garden of Time


The garden of time has no beginning and no end

It has no stake in the time that we spend


It’s there for your use to sow the seeds of our heart

We never can harvest if we don’t learn to start


Don’t try and plant bad seeds they never will grow

The time that we waste will make us feel low


The good seeds will grow if nurtured with patience

With love and faith, they’ll need little maintenance


The harvest we reap is sure to be known

The best part of life this garden has grown

Never Give Up


Never give up, don’t ever give up

It’s the secret to success and has no part in luck


The road that we start will always have an end

Your goals and your dreams are around the next bend


The love in your heart will help you to proceed

Patience and faith are also what you’ll need


So, when you want to quit just give a little smile

And know that success is only one more mile


Never give up make sure you see it through

If only you would try, you’ll know it to be true


Never look back on failures of the past

Never look ahead and wonder if you can last


Instead, hurdle today the obstacles that you see

And never, never ever say I’m doing this just for me

Stop a Moment


Remember yesterday with all your worries and your fear

How you dreaded tomorrow and now it is here


Now that’s it’s here will you worry of yesterday

How you wasted your time in the thoughts of today


Stop a moment, stand back, take a look


Do you see what I see how you let today pass you by

Worrying about things you could not change if you try


Did you see that opportunity pass within your sight

When you were worrying about the left you should have been looking right


Stop a moment, stand back and take a look


Are you trying to change tomorrow with your ignorance and dismay

Instead of changing your heart and living for today


How many days will you waste in the circle of your fear

Yesterday and tomorrow will never make it clear


God will change your heart he’ll show you in his book

Just stop for a moment, stand back and take a look