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Release Date Februry 15 2023

Available Now Online

Available Now Online

I hope you enjoyed the Inspirational Thriller novels. I endeavor to write suspenseful plots with protagonist that live broken and sinful lives. My stories include strong language, drinking other worldly vices to make the character seem real in our current day society. The protagonist will ultimately be transformed when God and family become important in their life. I purposely don’t invoke or promote any religion with the message of God, because many people today won’t give God a chance if they think religion is connected to him. I want to spark and interest in God’s love and the importance of family. I don’t want the message to be blaring but rather I try to make it a subtle catalyst that inspires the protagonist to change. Because of the secular content in trying to make characters real, I don’t use the Christian or spiritual genre to identify my books.

So why do I use the message of God and family in my novels?

 Because, when you look back on the history of the world and our country God and family are the foundation, the roots the fabric that has kept our society thriving. However, our world and country has taken a drastic turn away from God and family. All you need to do is look at the news on a daily basis to see the effect it has taken on people. Never, in my life have I seen more people depressed, angry and suicidal. Unless God and family are reinstated in our culture as important and needed for our society to prosper, the deterioration will continue and our future looks bleak.

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