Stories of Family

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Bob Laurie works full time as a Construction Manager for a successful New Jersey construction company and writes part time whenever possible. Bob is also a talented woodworker and an inventor, holding two current patents. When Bob is asked what's the most essential thing in his life, he'd say without hesitation, being a husband and a father. It took a while for Bob to know where he wanted to go with his writing. His passion inspired him to reach his readers with a message about the importance of family. His novels tell thrilling, suspenseful stories of ordinary families overcoming extraordinary circumstances. Bob wants his novels to touch his readers in their own family life and the joy they get or can have from being with the people that know them the best and love them the most; Family. #Make Family Great Again


His debut novel "The Book of Sonny" was self-published in 2016 and received excellent reviews on Amazon. Bob is currently working on his second novel "A Deadly Miracle" that will be released in 2019